Thursday, November 22, 2007

Trek to Rossland

Received your newsletter today. Thank you. It's very interesting & informative.
We had the great pleasure of seeing David & Craig, in Rossland, last Thursday night. It was just by fluke that we heard of the performance & were able to attend. WOW! We first heard of David on CBC Radio & have wanted to see him ever since. We certainly were not disappointed.The combination of David & Craig is magical. We purchased his latest cd,"Right of Passage" & have been playing it nonstop ever since.
We would have liked to stay & chat after the performance, but I had to be at work for 6a.m. the next day & we had to travel back to Grand Forks....we were very glad that we went, anyway, as it looks like he won't be back this way for quite some time.
Once again, David & Craig, thanks for a wonderful evening!
D & K