Monday, December 10, 2007

You never know who you'll see in Elliot Lake!

Thank you for visiting Elliot Lake.

It was about time that we had some great entertainment that you certainly provided. We thought David as an excellent singer-songwriter and story teller and Craig mainly for his excellent guitar picking and backup. Craig was also very good on his own. We also enjoyed the visit from Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga On. DH

From Wawa to Elliot Lake

Hello Beth,

It as if I already know you, David was fond of speaking your name and some special moments you both endured, as too the live CD.

I’m from Wawa, Ont.(originally from Nova Scotia) And we travelled down to Elliot Lake (6hrs plus) to catch your husband and Craig. It was a good show although I believe we were the youngest in attendance as I’m sure you are aware that Elliot Lake is a retirement town. I believe David can concur.

I first heard a David Francey song about 2 months ago on a special program on Folkroots on Sat radio and Jesus, there it was; first a storyteller in my style of music and second, an accent that couldn’t of gone any better than toast and peanut butter.

I’d just like to pass on a big hello to David from the Wawa crew, and hope all is well on the rest of his tour, I will be driving down later to catch a show in southern Ontario.

P.S. If he doesn’t remember me, I’m the one who will be trying hard to get him and yourself up here in Wawa for a private get-together for a few close friends - and I was driving the Bentley.

Take great care, J L

Thoughts on Bus Stations

I was on a long drive to pick my son up from college for Thanksgiving, and I was listening to and reflecting on “Ankle Tattoo.” During 2 summers while in college and then some in graduate school I earned my living working in Greyhound bus stations. And since I was an employee, travelling was nearly free and I traveled a lot by bus. So I saw my share of stations and patrons. “Ankle Tattoo” wonderfully caught many of the station sights, and the “regulars.” However, you missed one that was important to me.

For me the only thing that made working at the stations fun was seeing the reunions. People travel by bus, instead of by plane, because they have more time than money. Any you sensed, these reunions didn’t happen that often. Grandma coming to visit the family for a stay during the summer. The folks picking up the child for a Christmas break from college. A soldier coming home. The tears, the joys, the hugs, the laughter, the crying—and then everyone cheerfully leaving together.

I last worked at the bus station 30 years ago, but I still have visions of these reunions.

JS, Lakeville, MN

Ashtabula and the Marine Museum


I am writing to thank you for the wonderfully moving song Ashtabula. My late father, who grew up right near the current site of the Ashtabula Marine Museum, shipped out as a night cook (dishwasher) in the 1930s.

He retired as senior deck officer in the old Cleveland Cliffs line in 1976, bought a sailboat and went right back out on the water. He passed away peacefully of old age on the 24th anniversary of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, November 10, 1999.

This past summer my two sisters, their spouses, various kids, and my wife and I got together in Ashtabula for FinnFest 2007. Nancy and I had a surprise waiting for the rest of the family, a display at the Ashtabula Marine Museum honoring our dad's distinguished career as a Great Lakes mariner. (See enclosed photo. That's me flanked by my sisters.)

Then a friend turned me on to your beautiful song. It brought tears to my eyes. I've ordered two more copies of the CD to send to my sisters as holiday gifts. I'll bet folding money that both will bawling like babies after hearing Ashtabula.

Anyhow, thank you again for that amazing song. All the best to you and yours in the new year.

BG, Berkeley, Calif.

Black Sheep Inn

"thanks again for a wonderful experience -
as always, beautifully crafted songs that make the ordinary extraordinary" C & D

As heard on WUMB

"I heard David's music on WUMB Boston this morning on the Dick Pleasants
show. Beautiful! I have just ordered Torn Screen Door from your site.
Cheers!" J

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! to David on winning a Canadian Folk Award

Please pass on our CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! to David on winning a Canadian Folk Award for Right of Passage!

The accolades he has received in such a short time as a performer are mind-boggling, and a testament to his songwriting and storytelling talents! Sometimes nice guys do finish first!

Happy Holidays to you and David and your families!" S & T