Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kind words for Beth and David!

Hi Beth and David,

My niece and I were just at a concert of David's in Waterloo last week. It was the first time she'd heard David, and we both enjoyed the concert SO much!!! She is now as big a David Francey fan as I am. We were blown away by Craig's talent too. He is an outstanding musician. I'm enjoying his CD at this very moment.

I also wanted to say how beautiful both of your photograph collections are. I was so excited as I scrolled through each picture, thinking I wish I had seen those places myself but the next best thing was seeing your beautiful "capturings". Thank you for sharing them on your website.

Well, best wishes to you all for a wonderful Christmas, and God bless you, every one!


Tremendously Entertaining

Tremendously entertaining show!

I remember now which one of David's song I played on my "Patchwork Blues" radio show of a few years back - it was "Morning Train", from the Live Tour Artists sampler CD.

I'd forgotten all about him since then, until Steve Jackson of CHIP FM reintroduced me to his wonderful music and humour!

I was very happy to meet both David and Beth.

Best wishes, DW

Beautiful Music


Just wanted to tell David that I meant to tell him, when he autographed my CD last night, that I think he is a wonderful balladeer and raconteur.

David, your songs are melodious, your voice gentle and comforting, the words of your songs express our universal experiences of loss and love (such wonderful love songs) and aging and the human condition. One of my favourite lines: “And the heart that’s breaking never makes a sound.” Ain’t that the truth?!

I have virtually all of your CDs now. And am really enjoying the new one. (Listening to it now. )

Wonderful concert. Beautiful music, delightful stories…you’re very funny and you tell good stories. Thanks for one terrific evening.

All the best on your Australian tour, David, and for 2009,


Dryden Experience

Hello, and I was fortunate enough not only to see David in Dryden, but actually got to speak to him and eventually in the performance had a song dedicated to me. Turns out to be one of the greatest moments in my 29 year life! The buzz in the area after the performance was outstanding and I would hope David will perform in this area again one day. Your songs are moving, your humor is awesome and your voice is never to be forgotten. Thanks once again for the experience of a lifetime!


Car Music

Your Skating Rink album happens to be back in my car's CD player at the moment, providing never-diminishing pleasure. Thanks for the lovely music and words.
Regards, D

Public Radio

Bob says, "Love playing your music on Kansas Public Radio.".

Workshop Music

J says, "Mr. Francey i'm a huge fan of your work. listen to it everyday in the workshop.".

Fantastic Night

"I was at your Edinburgh concert recently. Fantastic night of wonderful music. Sorry for gushing. Really glad you sang Torn Screen Door. I was singing along, but silently! It was a great concert and hope you come back soon.

Cheers, M"