Monday, April 16, 2007

New Jerusalem and the Middle East - an interesting perspective

I was just in the middle east last week, staying mostly in Jerusalem but traveling to several locations in the West Bank. I was listening to the song about New Jerusalem before I went (great CD by the way!) It sure is a complex time over there, I came home with a lot deeper understanding than is possible through the news, but not with any clear answers. The song captures well the ever present fear that Israelis live with as part of daily life. There is a whole other side, the hardships of Palestinians who are driven to the fringe of society by all the security measures and differential laws. We visited refugee camps where people have been living since 1948, lots of poverty and frustration there...... it's a place of such contrasts, the beautiful old buildings and the settings for so many of the Bble stories, and the stark reality of today. The Christians we met with were mostly Palestinian which was how we got to hear so much about their perspective....... they often referred to the phrase "living stones" in reference to the people there today. They would use it in this way, "don't come just to see the stones here (old buildings, landscape etc.) but see the living stones here too, (the real people living here today, I think they meant espcially the Christians as they are a minority within a minority, many have left, many of those with options.) Anyway, as you can tell i had quite an experience there, lots to tell. Sorry to go on about this, but you started it with the song.....NS

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Under the Sea

I just saw an interesting Science Blog - Deep Sea News and someone asked "So you are out on the ocean and need some inspiration for the long nights by the dredge? Well, have I got the CD for you! Here are a few of my favorites that bring me back a mile or two below the surface (metaphorically, as I spend my time usually in front of a computer):"

Included among the list was this:

"One of my favorite songs from Scottish-born Canadian David Francey is also from one of my all-time favorite albums, Torn Screen Door. "Sorrows of the Sailor" is a beautiful a capello piece that serves as sort of intro to Blue Water. David sings solo about the treacherous work of being a sailor, "Caught between the Devil and something worse, Hung between heaven and the life on earth". "Blue Water" is beautiful song of the parallels of the ocean and life. Sometimes I feel like I'm always at sea, Always pulled by the tides of the time, In the faces and places that beckon to me, My heart always knows its own mind."

Thank you deep sea divers!

Metallica meets Francey

I just got the newsletter from "laker music" and I'm wicked happy!
I'm a all out, 24 year old Metallica fan, but man oh man I love David Francey's music. I only have 2 cd's right now, Far end, and Waking Hour. Both un-real. I live in Arizona in the winter's, but when I get home (Deux Riveres, Ont - just past Deep River) I'll be catching a show for sure!

Anyway, this is just another note from one of the thousands of fans. BM

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Who made the boat on the cover of Right of Passage?

Hi there,Seems that you have a new CD. Looks like a great one..
Say, did you know that the name of the maker of the boat on your cover was Mike Balough? Handmade right here in Seldovia, Alaska ? Best from S.

"Heads-up" on Right of Passage

David and Beth,
Just finished listening to the album for the second time in a row, and it's TERRIFIC! Congratulations once again. You can melt a heart in a turn of phrase. Know that it will sell very well (all of my friends are getting a heads-up email).
Continued success. T & G

CD came yesterday. I started playing it at 4 p.m. when I got home and turned it off at 10 p.m. I think I know all the words now... It is simply brilliant. Thank you so much. best, M and co.

Your new CD arrived today, and it's WONDERFUL (as if I had any doubts)!!! As your website noted, it's truly a family production and even more exciting because of it. Congratulations, and thank you for your always marvelous music!!! All the best, D

More from Saltspring!

Dear David,
We travelled from Victoria to Salt Spring last week to see your show at The folk club and to introduce some Salt Spring friends of ours to your music. We thought it was an outstanding show! Our friends were blown away too, so you have two new fans. We're really looking forward to hearing your new CD, and will be sending you an order.
Love your new website, and very much appreciate the newsletters. Thanks Beth!
See you again soon. Thanks so much for a wonderful concert, and please Let Craig Werth know that we think he is fantastic as well.
Cheers, C & D L

Two for Hugh's Room launch of Right of Passage

Dear David,
Having just come from the concert at Hugh's Room, I have your new CD on, rumbling though my headphones. The lyrics on this CD are utterly brilliant, sufficiently exquisite to bring an English major to her knees. I love the way words are so easy for you. Peace, S

Hi David,
Thank you for your performances at Hugh's Room. It was well worth the trip from London. By the way, I believe Right of Passage is your best work yet. I can't get through "Bowser" or "All Lights." They tear me to pieces…Your show on Saturday touched me very deeply. Kindest Regards, K.B.

San Diego Fan - a lovely letter

Hello David,

This is from your San Diego fan... the one that took the train up to Portland to see you? It wasn't just me - my husband was with me and he's as much a fan as I am (only not quite so noisy about it). He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease when he was 37 - he's now 51 and retired on disability from his life's work and love, computer programming. I think I come in there somewhere, but it's not always easy for me to find my allocated spot! As the time drew near for us to go to Portland, he was having a rough time and I suggested that perhaps we take a plane at some later point in time to attend one of your concerts. He said no - he was afraid that if he didn't do it now, he might never be able to do it at all.

The trip was our first major train ride, and we traveled from the south to the north through the Cascade mountains. It was absolutely beautiful! Three or four hours of gorgeous, huge, snow-covered pines and mountains. We had our noses stuck to the window throughout the mountain range. It was dark on the way back, and the ambient light from the train and the shadows it created made the trees look as if they were marching in some slow forest cadence that we couldn't quite see. It probably wouldn't impress you nearly as much as it did two Californians - you get to see snow-covered trees while shoveling the blasted stuff and trying to write a 'happy' song about the whole process, but it was pretty awesome to us.

We love your music so much. The values of family, peace, caring for others and patriotism, (even tho it's a bit slanted sometimes {the patriotism, I mean}) are the things missing in today's music. The honesty and humor in your songs and stories strike the most basic of human chords; 'tis a rare gift you have, and just the right voice in which to sing it. Don't worry about doing this 'right' or 'wrong' - when you autographed my CD, you said it was a bit daunting..........but David, you were born to do this; it's absolutely why you're here, and they'll be no stoppin' you now! It just took a few years for it to happen.

The Portland concert was wonderful, and the greatest proof of that was this: the audience only stopped applauding between songs because we wanted to hear you sing one more time - and why waste perfectly good singing time on too much hand-clapping? Keep on movin' forward David, and like the Pied Piper, you'll soon have a string of loyal fans streaming along behind you - across both countries!
T and J (who've already ordered your new CD!)

A Gift - Right of Passage

Hi. I just wanted to write and say how thankful I am for David's new CD, Right of Passage. I ordered it in early march and couldn’t wait for it to come. I watched the mail everyday and by the time it came it was as if I had recieved a gift from some one. I am a loyal David Francey fan and listen to his music often. He has visited my town of Winona, Minnesota twice since I have known of him and I hope he comes here again soon. The first time I went, my Dad managed to get tickets around the time the Waking Hour came out and we really enjoyed it. Now David has become a common thread my family can gather around because we all enjoy and appreciate him so much. Thank you Thank you Thank you for the great music and good times.

Your Fan, N. S.

Torn Screen Door in Ireland

Heya folks,
I purchased Torn Screen Door ages ago after hearing the song played on Berkeley, CA's KPFA. I have since moved to Ireland and live in Athlone, next door to the oldest pub in Ireland (900 AD), Sean's Bar. This Sunday at the afternoon session a local player produced his guitar and played a fantastic Irish-y arrangement of Torn Screen Door. I thought David might get a laugh out of hearing a traditional Irish-style version of his song. In any case, love the music - any chance of an Irish tour? Slan, S.

Message from a Red-winged Blackbird

I hope you could pass this on to David in advance of his performance in Bellows Falls, VT with Dar Williams.

A few years ago in BF I shared with David my connection with the Red-Winged Blackbird. A male rw-blackbird landed on our balcony railing at just the precise moment when our minister, sister, and I were talking of my mother's gracious qualities of her life on the day of her death! The RW Blackbird looked into the living room for 2 minutes and then flew away. This is not typical behavior of this bird and I have always considered this to be an omen. The message from my dad who predeceased her - she's crossed the river and is fine. One month later when we spread her ashes in front of the house, the RW Blackbirds swarmed around the pond just when we spread her ashes. Ho.

So David's song of the Red-Winged Blackbird has extraordinary meaning for me, and I hope/ask it will be part of the program in BF.

By the way, my Grandmother came to the US from Ayr, Scotland when she was 10, and David came to Canada from Ayrshire when he was 10!!!

Already have the tickets for the 27th and looking forward to the performance. I'll be in my Campbell kilt.