Thursday, December 21, 2006

best traditional Christmas CD

David's CD is the best traditional Christmas CD I've heard in years and years....
Thanks, S.F.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

A Family Treasure

We were at the Sanderson Centre on Nov 16th and really loved every moment of the concert. We purchased the Christmas CD and sang Christmas carols all the way home, its simplicity of piano and voice is quite lovely. I know it will become a treasured part of our Christmas CD collection,
Thank you,
J.and S. Paris,Ont

The Day After

Good evenin'/good mornin' David,
You were quite busy after the concert signing CD's, so we never had the chance to thank you for such a trooper's performance! Putting out like you did with walking pneumonia was admirable to say the least. On our hour's drive home - we - my wonderful and also gorgeous wife - agreed that we'd go see you even if you only told stories! You are one of the most enjoyable spinner of tales we've heard! Your humour is self-effacing and right down to earth. The artistry of the perfectly chosen word and turn of phrase was a sheer delight all evening. We came close to falling out of our chairs with laughter at many of the anecdotes.
Thanks again for coming to play in "our yard". Get better quickly! Cheers!
D. and P.

Long May he Live!

Hi there!
Please tell David that the concert in Orillia was wonderful - I could have stayed all night to listen to him tell stories and sing songs! I had taken my 21 year old son with me and two friends and everyone was blown away . I have seen him several times but it was the first time for the other three.
I don't suppose I can say anything that hasn't already been said more eloquently by others before but I add my voice to the chorus of David fans.

Long may he live , be inspired by his love for you and continue to write beautiful songs. We are all better for it.

Thanks again for sharing him with us. m. and d.

From Russia with Love

This past summer I moved to Russia, on my own, never having lived abroad before, or even having travelled to Eastern Europe. I don't even speak Russian. Yes, I am crazy. I am Canadian - Saskatchewanian, in fact - through and through, and Russia certainly is not. It has been a tough transition, but your music has made this giant step out of my comfort zone a little bit easier. Listening to your albums, especially "Live at Folk Alley," makes me feel like I have an old friend near by - listening to your stories, and the music that has long touched my heart, never fails to soothe my soul, make me laugh, and put my life in perspective. And the way you speak about your undying love for Beth absolutely melts my heart.

You have touched my life, David. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world. A.B.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

on Carols for a Christmas Eve

Your Christmas CD is excellent. I grew up in the Niagara area (now in Calgary) and the sound is just so... Ontario... just love it... cheers, CB

on Skating Rink

I just had to search for the musical genius who wrote and sang Skating Rink! If that's not the best piece of music out there, then music doesn't exist. It brings tears to my eye's every time I listen to it, Thank You for creating such an awesome song! TC