Thursday, November 22, 2007

Trek to Rossland

Received your newsletter today. Thank you. It's very interesting & informative.
We had the great pleasure of seeing David & Craig, in Rossland, last Thursday night. It was just by fluke that we heard of the performance & were able to attend. WOW! We first heard of David on CBC Radio & have wanted to see him ever since. We certainly were not disappointed.The combination of David & Craig is magical. We purchased his latest cd,"Right of Passage" & have been playing it nonstop ever since.
We would have liked to stay & chat after the performance, but I had to be at work for 6a.m. the next day & we had to travel back to Grand Forks....we were very glad that we went, anyway, as it looks like he won't be back this way for quite some time.
Once again, David & Craig, thanks for a wonderful evening!
D & K

Fan in Boston

"I heard David's music on WUMB Boston this morning on the Dick Pleasants show. Beautiful! I have just ordered Torn Screen Door from your site.
Cheers!" J.

Thanks to Beth!

"Hi Beth!

I'm the guy that e-maild you about becoming a Francey fan from Metallica.

Well, I finally was able to see my hero in concert. I opend your newsletter, and read that he had a show at Hughs Room, so I took along 2 of my 3 sisters and one boyfriend (my sisters!), and LOVED the show, all of us. (the newsletter's are working!)

Wow, I must say, David paints a beautiful picture of you through his words, he certinly loves you, all of us Francey fans feel like we know you because you're the #1 topic at a show!

I now own every CD you guys have put out, and know just about every single lyric. Oh, and Craig Werth was fantastic, I knew a bit about him from reading up on Davids music often, and listening to radio shows they've done together. His Tiny Star and Fog Free Zone are wicked.

Anyway, this was too long of an e-mail from a fan, you have a thousand more to go through I guess. So here's a pic of Daivid and I, it was a special moment for me I tell ya. I was more eager to meet him than anyone on earth. No joke. And one picture of my sister Kristan and David.

Thanks Beth!" B.

Well-wisher in Sarnia

Hey David, ..., i just wanted to drop you a line, and say how much i enjoyed mixing you and Craig at the Sarnia and London shows.... I'm pleased to say that the the new Cd has not left the player in my car since that night, i love it! I cannot wait for the next time you're back this way, I'll be there for sure... Take Care, Godspeed, and safe travels!" C.

Request to return to California


just checking out your website and wishing you were performing here in southern California. Last year (or was it two years ago), your performance was wonderful. Thank you for all of your songs and the heart in your music.

I am looking forward to seeing you again." -- J. C.

Lucky Man

"Dear David:

I had the pleasure of listening to you for the first time this summer at the Mission Folk Festival. Your performance moved me to tears, especially the song Lucky Man. I bought your CD Far End of Summer and listen to it constantly. I find it difficult to put into words the sheer love and joy that I experience when listening to your music. Somehow you are able to capture the exact mood of a moment and express it in your song and then communicate that exact same mood and feeling to us. That’s a very special gift and I want to thank you so much for sharing your gift. I was just cleaning house and listening again to Lucky Man and felt the need to share this with you.

Thank you. I look forward to seeing you again soon and will keep an eye out on your website for Vancouver dates." K.D.

Wedding Song

"my husband and I absolutely love your music! And we

haven't met a person who doesn't. We have played your CD's for many of our

friends and family, and to our great surprise, at EVERY wedding we attended

this year, we heard your music, used during ceremony's, and receptions.

One of my cousins actually walked the isle to "Come rain or come shine".

Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us!" M.M.

Lucky Woman

"Good morning Beth:

Just to let you know that I saw David and Craig last night at St. Andrew's Church and was once again moved to tears...something about your old man does it to me. You're a very lucky woman, he speaks constantly of how lucky he is to have you. Anyway, just thought I would let you know how much I enjoyed last night... " S.

Dancing to David

"To David,

Recently my husband & I along with our 7 week old daughter attended your performance at the Alix Goolden Hall in Victoria. We made the trip from Campbell River which is a three hour drive normally, but with a 7 week old takes a little longer. Seeing you perform live had special meaning to me. When my daughter was born, your CD was one of the top five that played in the Disc player for about the first month. We danced around the living room for many hours and your music had a soothing effect. The concert was no different. Although she slept through your entire performance, I would like to believe that on a subconscious level hearing your music live will imprint on her memory. I would have introduced you to her after the performance, but it was passed her bedtime. We hope to see you perform again one day."D.& Z.

Request for Anthems

"Hi David, (and to Beth because I think I know you so well)

No doubt David you hear over and over how much people love your concerts. Not just the music but the wonderful stories. And as we had touched on, sometimes a person has to come from a not so nice place to come up with that. Thankfully counting blessings is not going to cramp creativity one little bit! I would really love to hear you do more “anthem-y” songs. Your voice, besides being wonderful at that intensity, has a marvelous essence.

Looking forward to seeing you again." K.I.

Last Night in Vermillion

"Hi – I was David Francey’s concert with Craig Werth last night in Vermilion, Alberta. As always, it was an absolutely wonderful show. I have been listening to the new album, Right of Passage, ever since, and it is terrific." L.S.

Thanks from a Wordsmith

"Mr. Francey,

A good morning to you.

First, I’m a fan of your music. While I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing you in person, I’ve spent many days working, driving, etc. with your songs playing during which I drift between active and passive listening. I appreciate the convergence of musicality and poetry! , and your ability to poetically articulate the essence and meaning of ‘place’. So, thanks for that!

Second, I grew up in a tiny town just south of the Manitoba-Minnesota border in an agricultural/small town, hockey culture. ‘Skating rink’ is the winters of my childhood; ‘Torn screen door’ names a reality quite close to home as well…among others. Cheers!

Finally, my lot and joy in life is working with words. I teach homiletics... Were my students (and myself for that matter) able to weave words toward an expression of reality as your lyrics, I’d feel quite good. So, thanks for the words!

All that said, best wishes."