Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanks to Beth!

"Hi Beth!

I'm the guy that e-maild you about becoming a Francey fan from Metallica.

Well, I finally was able to see my hero in concert. I opend your newsletter, and read that he had a show at Hughs Room, so I took along 2 of my 3 sisters and one boyfriend (my sisters!), and LOVED the show, all of us. (the newsletter's are working!)

Wow, I must say, David paints a beautiful picture of you through his words, he certinly loves you, all of us Francey fans feel like we know you because you're the #1 topic at a show!

I now own every CD you guys have put out, and know just about every single lyric. Oh, and Craig Werth was fantastic, I knew a bit about him from reading up on Davids music often, and listening to radio shows they've done together. His Tiny Star and Fog Free Zone are wicked.

Anyway, this was too long of an e-mail from a fan, you have a thousand more to go through I guess. So here's a pic of Daivid and I, it was a special moment for me I tell ya. I was more eager to meet him than anyone on earth. No joke. And one picture of my sister Kristan and David.

Thanks Beth!" B.