Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Salt Spring Success

I just wanted to thank David and Craig for an evening I won’t soon forget.
I attended the folk club for the first time tonight in the company of a friend whom I thought I was helping out (season ticket subscriber, wife out of town, a tad lonely – you get the picture). The salmon was terrific. Good crowd. The opening act was a local whom I had heard many times before. I was planning on an early night because I have a busy day tomorrow but when all is said and done I am disappointed that there was only one encore. I could have listened to you guys for another hour easily. All this and I have never heard of (let alone listened to) David or Craig before. No, I do not listen to (nor watch) the CBC. I guess I am a “bad Canadian”.
During the show, David was joking about his mother going on and on but I think the fruit doesn’t fall very far from the tree. The good thing about his verboseness is that he is the real thing. Craig is simply a craftsman of superior quality and a joy to watch as well as listen to.
Keep your lights burning bright boys!
Gratefully yours,