Saturday, May 2, 2009

Return to Denmark

I had the great pleasure to hear you at Tønder Festival a few years ago - and I am still hoping you will return to Denmark!

Thanks for some very great music.

Kind regards,

Christmas Praise

Thank you for a lovely start to our Christmas season last night at
Hugh's Room. When you sang Good King Wenceslas (long, one of my
favourites) it reminded me of a family Christmas sing-a-long where my
I and my family discovered that you can sing nearly all of the
Christmas carols one normally finds in a newspaper carol insert to
this tune. A hilarious and much reminisced Christmas Eve ensued.
Thank you for this memory.
God Bless and Merry Christmas
A and M LM

Come to California

I first heard your music on Yeah for FolkAlley! I love your sound, your storytelling, and your perspective on what America is all about.

My Grandmother grew up in Airdire, Scotland and my Grandfather in Fredrickton, New Brunswick, so your music fits right into my way of thinking.

Would you ever consider performing in California?

ps. I really like your wife's photography.

Adelanto, CA

Mother and Daughter

Hi David,

I first heard your performance from The Kent Stage at the Kent State Folk Festival and was so intrigued. I enjoy your music very much and it has become a special part of my life. I introduced my 14 year old daughter, Anna, to your music last year and now she is a huge fan. She has all of your cd's on her itouch and came with us to see you at Cain Park this summer. She sat on the lawn with her friend and enjoyed the show and getting to meet and talk with you. Sometimes, when she is up late at night doing homework, it is your music she has playing, calmly helping her along. Anyway, shortly after the Cain Park show, Anna and I made a pact to see you together, whenever and wherever possible. Maintaining a connection with your 14 year old daughter is not always an easy feat, so for this I thank you. Anna and I will be in Peterborough in February to see you at Folk Under the Clock! This time we are bringing my Mom, so there will be three generations there to listen to your wonderful stories and beautiful songs!

Cleveland, Ohio

Blue and Pink Hair

Hey David,

Spoke to you at the Port Fairy folkie on the Monday – I was the woman with the blue and pink hair who will be holding her new husband tight dancing to your Broken Glass...

Thanks again though for the music you have created that speaks for us and to us and, I have no doubt, for many others as well.

Enjoy your time in Australia….



A Lovely Bird Story

Hi David,

My husband and I saw your show in Peterborough this winter, and had such a wonderful time. I was the one who "whoooo whooed" (timidly) for Elphin. I do know the place quite well, my Dad lived next door to Vern and Judy Wheeler for 15 years. I've spent a lot of time wandering those marshes that back up to the village, and waiting for the first red winged blackbirds.

I was really affected by the incredible story about your mum and the birds. I am a birder by long habit and really do feel they are emissaries. I want to tell you my best bird story, because I feel like you are a person who can appreciate a good one. Your music is such sweet thing in our family's household, I just wanted to give you a little thing back, another bird story about beginnings.
Nine years ago, in spring, I was cleaning up in our meadow and suddenly felt quite awful and figured I better get back to the house and rest. As I went home I reflected upon the absense of my usual cycles and realized what the nauseous, exhasted feeling probably was; pregnancy. As I approached home my roomate came out on the porch in a panic exclaiming "there's a bird trapped in the kitchen and I can't catch it!" I went in and quickly caught the wee little winter wren. It sat stunned on my hand for a moment as I stood in the sunshine granting it's freedom, and then bolted off. Two weeks later my husband and I were sitting on the porch contemplating the positive pregnacy test I'd just completed. We were surprised and scared. As we talked about what we should do, whether we were ready, I said; "I wish I knew what a bird in the house means? That moment felt so significant." My husband replied " I don't know about that, but I know I've read somewhere that the wren symbolizes the soul of a child". At the exact moment those words came from his lips a winter wren came blazing out of the bushes and flew right into the side of his head! We stared at each other, laughing, knowing we'd been told: this spirit had to arrive. We took the leap and named our daughter Wren, which suits her perfectly.

Thank you for your beautiful stories and songs. I hope Australia is good to you and your homecoming sweet.


Favourite Folk Musician

To whom it may concern,
I just wanted to mention that I had a fantastic time at David's concert in Peterborough in February. He has become my favorite folk musician and I bought 3 of his albums. I listen to them almost every day. I'm a big fan.