Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mother and Daughter

Hi David,

I first heard your performance from The Kent Stage at the Kent State Folk Festival and was so intrigued. I enjoy your music very much and it has become a special part of my life. I introduced my 14 year old daughter, Anna, to your music last year and now she is a huge fan. She has all of your cd's on her itouch and came with us to see you at Cain Park this summer. She sat on the lawn with her friend and enjoyed the show and getting to meet and talk with you. Sometimes, when she is up late at night doing homework, it is your music she has playing, calmly helping her along. Anyway, shortly after the Cain Park show, Anna and I made a pact to see you together, whenever and wherever possible. Maintaining a connection with your 14 year old daughter is not always an easy feat, so for this I thank you. Anna and I will be in Peterborough in February to see you at Folk Under the Clock! This time we are bringing my Mom, so there will be three generations there to listen to your wonderful stories and beautiful songs!

Cleveland, Ohio