Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanks from a Wordsmith

"Mr. Francey,

A good morning to you.

First, I’m a fan of your music. While I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing you in person, I’ve spent many days working, driving, etc. with your songs playing during which I drift between active and passive listening. I appreciate the convergence of musicality and poetry! , and your ability to poetically articulate the essence and meaning of ‘place’. So, thanks for that!

Second, I grew up in a tiny town just south of the Manitoba-Minnesota border in an agricultural/small town, hockey culture. ‘Skating rink’ is the winters of my childhood; ‘Torn screen door’ names a reality quite close to home as well…among others. Cheers!

Finally, my lot and joy in life is working with words. I teach homiletics... Were my students (and myself for that matter) able to weave words toward an expression of reality as your lyrics, I’d feel quite good. So, thanks for the words!

All that said, best wishes."