Sunday, April 15, 2007

Under the Sea

I just saw an interesting Science Blog - Deep Sea News and someone asked "So you are out on the ocean and need some inspiration for the long nights by the dredge? Well, have I got the CD for you! Here are a few of my favorites that bring me back a mile or two below the surface (metaphorically, as I spend my time usually in front of a computer):"

Included among the list was this:

"One of my favorite songs from Scottish-born Canadian David Francey is also from one of my all-time favorite albums, Torn Screen Door. "Sorrows of the Sailor" is a beautiful a capello piece that serves as sort of intro to Blue Water. David sings solo about the treacherous work of being a sailor, "Caught between the Devil and something worse, Hung between heaven and the life on earth". "Blue Water" is beautiful song of the parallels of the ocean and life. Sometimes I feel like I'm always at sea, Always pulled by the tides of the time, In the faces and places that beckon to me, My heart always knows its own mind."

Thank you deep sea divers!